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About Luke Burton

Luke Barton has spent over fifteen years developing a highly creative and personal approach to his ideas of figurative art. As an artist with a passion for inculcating his own interpretations of life and life-events , he created the Olympic and Paralympic monuments for Marco Pierre White’s restaurant in the UK and the National Exhibition Centre. He has also created Luke Burton Sculptor Charity Events at Marco Pierre White’s and also for the Pink Ribbon Foundation at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hyde Park and has exhibited at many high profile events. Luke has also had the opportunity to exhibit his work alongside the honourable Willard Wigan (MBA) and many other world renowned artists.

The Meaning Behind The Project

The Connection encapsulates the concept of the world as a community. It is focussed on building a strong and unified foundation for a harmonious future. It aims to promote a positive and optimistic connotation of the term, ‘wall’; just like bricks which stand unified and are integral to the making of a strong and an undaunted wall, humanity and society too needs such building blocks to secure a harmonious future. We as humans are the building blocks. Each brick represents an individual, a struggle, an achievement, a bond, a contribution, a connection. Luke hopes to inspire people with The Connection and its intrinsic concept and hopes that people will stand together, in support of each other, promoting oneness and thus creating a building block to our future as every one of us has a connection, whether the role is small or large, we are all a part of the same future.

The Connection is not only about bringing communities together but people from every walk of life and nation as for whatever you are in the world , there will be no boundaries stopping anyone from being an integral part of humanity and a part of a larger community . The Connection embraces all unconditionally. The Connection will become an icon for the future.


The sculpture will be made from stainless steel bricks, approximately about 1000 bricks. The length of the structure will be approximately 10 feet and the height of structure will be approximately 5 feet . The sculpture, of course can be modified to fit the surrounding area. Each brick will have an engraving from the individual who helped to sponsor (public, celebrities, companies) as they are the ones to make the first step to be a part of The Connection and the others are to be inspired by this. Replications of The Connection will be created in other parts of the world with its unique design; If all pieces were put together and viewed as a unified whole, they would form the perfect connection. Each piece will embody the same concept, wherever it is constructed. A public place for this sculpture will be an ideal location as it will allow an unrestricted access for the public to form a personal connection with the concept.

Furthermore, The Connection can also play a significant role in charitable events, which is something Luke feels passionately about. Luke actively aspires to support and be involved in local projects and charities; this is something which is very personal to Luke.


Luke hopes for you to be a part of this project as these pieces will be placed at the locations at no cost; the only requirement is the location and support. Luke is passionate about The Connection and firmly believes that this sculpture has many positive interpretations and it will be a personal and iconic piece of art to every individual. Although cities have their individual icons, The Connection will embody a unified and iconic emblem of the world. The image of the wall designed like a plus sign will be the first place to be placed, positioned in accordance to the four corners of the Earth.

Our Progress

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

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